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T-PRO Back Four Chain Trainer

499,00 zł 449,00 zł

Manufacturer: YAKIMASPORT
Model: 100173
Shipment:24 hours
Weight:9.00 kg
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You get a high quality T-PRO trainer for 4 men in a row. This is an evolution of the classic four-chain belt. The use of the waist belts if the positions are not respected. The players immediately notice if their position is wrong and it appears a rapid training effect for the processes in the exercise. No disturbing lying around of ropes on the floor. The T-PRO Back-Four-Chain Trainer helpes you create an innovative and practical training. 

Matching training plans, card files and books you can also buy in our SHOP.

We also equip professional clubs!

Other interesting training aids you can purchase in our shop. 


Product features:

  • T-PRO elastically 4-men-in-a-row trainer
  • Incl. 4x waist belt
  • Fast & easy handling
  • Black / Red
  • High quality
  • Very durable
  • Professional article

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Manufacturer Info

T-PRO Back Four Chain Trainer

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499,00 zł 449,00 zł
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T-PRO Back Four Chain Trainer
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