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Tactic foil

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Manufacturer: YAKIMASPORT
Model: 100219
Shipment:24 hours
Weight:0.50 kg
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Yakimasport tactic foil
set of 25 rolls of self-adhesive special foil - 60 x 80 cm

60 x 80 cm  self-adhesive

You receive a modern, self-adhesive T-PRO football tactic foil 60 x 80 cm. The electrostatically charged special foil adheres to almost any surface and is delivered on a roll with 25 foils. You can sketch tactical instructions on the foils for example with boardmarkers. For away games the foils can be easily attached for example to the wall. Simply fold and pocketed, the Yakimasport tactic foils adhere several times and are therefore repeatedly usable. For the ideal care and use of tactic foils, we recommend cleaning your whiteboard surfaces twice a month with the whiteboard cleaner spray in combination with the whiteboard cleaning cloth.

Product details:

  • T-PRO tactic foil - football
  • self-adhesive (electrostatic)
  • for perfect hold on the wall and door
  • set of 25 roll (easily separated)
  • Size: 60 x 80 cm
  • Field color: white
  • Line color: black
  • Boardmarker: erasable
  • Permanent marker: not erasable
  • foldable
  • adheres several times
  • flexible usable
  • professional articles

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Tactic foil

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