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Speed rings, hurdles - coordination set

149,00 zł 99,00 zł

Manufacturer: YAKIMASPORT
Model: 100181
Shipment:24 hours
Weight:5.00 kg
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Speed rings, hurdles - coordination set

Coordination rings are invaluable in daily training. If you take care of your general condition and are willing to exercise to improve speed agility and accuracy, this is exectly what you are looking for. Speed rings, hurdles - coordination set creates opportunities to diversify your training plan and perform a variety of drills practiced at speed rings and hurldes on this single product. It is the ideal solution for professionals and amateurs. Speed rings, hurdles -coordination set works perfect for a variety of sports.

Each speed ring can be flexed to work as hurdle of height up to 30 cm.
The kit includes 6 speed ring / hurdles + practical bag to carry and store.

product code: 100181

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Speed rings, hurdles - coordination set

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