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Goalkeeper Training Belt

399,00 zł 299,00 zł

Manufacturer: YAKIMASPORT
Model: 100171
Shipment:24 hours
Weight:8.00 kg
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  • Goalkeeper Training Belt

    Ideal to support the jump- and reaction-power training and for wings-, plunge- and sidestep exercises.
    Regular use can improve the speed and jump strength clearly.

    The wide nylon hip-belt provides for pleasant wearing comfort. The end of the elastic rope can be attached with the straps down at the goalpost*.

    • extremely high stretch ability
    • highest material quality
    • also suitable for sprint exercises with a partner

    * Please consider that the goals are anchored against tipping over. The elastic ropes have to be attached at the lower part of the goalposts!

    code: 100171

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Goalkeeper Training Belt

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