Soccer Goal 7,32m x 2,44m
749.75 EUR 624.75 EUR
PRO Hurdle 30 cm
14.25 EUR 8.75 EUR
Speed Hurdle PRO 40cm
16.75 EUR 9.75 EUR
Rubber for training jump
24.75 EUR 17.25 EUR
Balance Board
22.50 EUR 15.00 EUR
Resistance strength tube
22.25 EUR 17.25 EUR
Speed Hurdle PRO 20cm
11.75 EUR 7.25 EUR
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Training accessories
Our goal is to provide trainers with training equipment that will allow to lead interesting and modern training. We are committed to children, youth and seniors can practice with equipment which will help them hone their football skills. On our equipment train professional and amateur football clubs, national teams provincial football association as well as many football academies, schools and training centers for teams EURO 2012 among others:
lech poznan   podbeskidzie

In our football goals are equipped many football centers in Poland, among others:
gmina piaseczno
gmina puck

Yakimasport offers the highest quality accessories for soccer, football accessories coaching goals and  equipment fields.
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